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Explore the hidden Copywriting Secrets to help Businesses & Brands to Scale their Revenue by crafting a Compelling Copy From Scratch Every Time…!​

In fact, If You Suck At Writing!
Even your English is Average!​

What Our Students Say?

What’s Inside Our Copywriting Mastery?

As a Content Writer, Copywriter, Marketer, or Business Owner, you’re constantly struggling to get your Product/Service to stand out in a ground of Choices.

A Ground That Grows Bigger & Wider Everyday.


You will learn how One Simple Concept can change a product/service into a compelling piece of Sales Copy that keeps the reader going deep down!

Identify your ideal prospect and learn about the Copywriting Mindset that sets your solid baseline to build the copywriter journey!

Copywriting Course

Understand the Secret of Human Psychology and Language Patterns that triggers your Target Audience Emotions…

Understand the Writing Keys & Words Choices that Empower your Copy to drive massive results!

Understand your audience’s awareness level and use it to Craft A Copy that goes straight to their heart!

Identify your ideal prospect’s core buying emotion, and triggers their deepest desires with a hard-hitting copy that SELLS…

Copywriting is 80% of Research & 20% Writing…

So, Learn the Most Secret Methods to Conduct Research like a Master Copywriter!

Not just this, You will get Access to Our Premium Secret Copywriting Cheatsheets & Worksheets that help you to write copy with ease!

One More Thing! 

Get Access to the “Customer Persona – 3A” Sheet that Helps you conduct in-depth research to craft copy that aligns with your….

Audience’s Needs/Desires/Pain Points…!

Copywriting Course Pictures

Before the Clock Stops!


What If You Craft A High Conversion Copy Without Any Blockage?

Just Imagine for a moment!

You will not be going to face frustration anymore writing your Ad Copy, Product Descriptions, Sales letters, Emails, or landing page copy as well

  • No more battles between heart and mind about the words 
  • No more Self Doubts about you that may be your copy works or not
  • No worries about thinking and juggling with mixed thoughts! 

Here’s the Catch, 

When you learn copywriting with a proven and actionable roadmap, 

  • You will not get stuck in all these problems, 
  • You will go with the flow of a copy, 
  • You write every time about the solution to the problems, 
  • You write like talking,

So, No More Procrastination, Frustration, and Self Doubts!

All of these problems ended with the Copywriting Breakthrough Course

Copywriting Khalid

You Can Be A Highly-Paid Copywriter​

“The Copywriting Breakthrough Course”

7.5 Hours In-depth Course that helps you to go from a beginner individual,

Who doesn’t know about the basics of copywriting to a… 

Highly-Paid Copywriter that crafts a High Conversion Copy and helps businesses to get more leads & conversions, To make dollars every month!

And Remember One Thing, 
It’s not just like a Theory Based Course, which just flooded with Knowledge, 
In fact, it’s Packed with Actionable Steps, Tools & Techniques, 
My Copy Samples, and Proven Strategies You can implement and help you to become a Master Copywriter! 
Not Just This, 
With this, You will also get a Proven Roadmap to Grab Your First 05 Clients after learning Copywriting!
You Are Thinking Its Ends, 
You will get access to the tried-and-tested Worksheets, so you can craft a winning sales message from scratch…
Even if you’ve never written copy before!
Khalid Copywriting Mastery

And You will be amazed to know that, 

You can get all this in Just 13 Modules That Will Take You From A Complete Beginner With No Idea To Grab Your First Client!

Just Click the below Button & Checkout the Copywriting Breakthrough Course Outlines:

Some Incredible Bonuses

  • Exclusive Access To The Copywriting Breakthrough Community (Get Access to Updated Knowledge)
  • Tried & Tested Copywriting Cheat sheets & Worksheets (Worth $50)
  • Copywriting Research Sheets (Worth $30)
  • Frameworks & Ready-Made Templates (Worth $50)
  • How to grab your First 05 Clients? (Proven Roadmap)
  • My Copy Samples For You 
  • Copywriting 15 Swipe Files For Your Help  
  • 300 Headlines Templates 
  • Copywriting Research Template (Worth $20)

But, Make Sure!

  • These Bonuses are for a limited time,
  • Grab them before, We will take them back from here!
Copywriting Khalid Course

Who Can Join This Course?

Content Writers

Those Content Writers who want to get paid high rather than less. They can earn using Highly-paid Copywriting Skill on freelancing platforms or in the local market.

Startups & Small Businesses

Helps startups & small businesses to improve offers & sales process to get more leads & Sales

Marketing Professionals

Who wants to sell their marketing services in the market but still struggling to get more Clients

The Copywriting Breakthrough is for you If:

✅ You have a Nitro under your bum and want to learn the highly-paid Skill that changes your life

✅ You have a mindset of investing in yourself that will help you to transform your personal & financial growth 

✅ You are a dedicated and committed individual who want to scale up your earning even if your English is not good

✅ You are a Business Owner & want more Leads & Conversions

✅ You are frustrated with the low-budget clients and want to Scale your income and better serve your clients

✅ You will have to hit hard to learn & implement all the stuff, there is no get rich Scheme

And Now, 

You are Thinking About the Price of the Course! Right?

I know, You are Caught While Thinking!

This Powerful & Comprehensive Copywriting Breakthrough Course of 7.5 Hours with the Original Price is PKR 42,000/-

But Wait,

It's Not PKR 21,000/-

You may be Still thinking about it,

It's not Even PKR 11,000/-

You are still thinking about it,

For a limited time, You can avail this Powerful Copywriting Course in Just! PKR 5,000/-

If you make a daring decision that changes your life in the next 05 minutes!

One More Thing!

You will get Incredible Bonuses of Worth $150 For Free

If You Join Now!

Order Now and you’ll get Huge Discount plus these special bonuses for a limited time. Once time runs out, the price will go back up and your bonuses will disappear forever.

Before the Clock Stops!


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