Amazon Affiliate SEO Article Writing Training Course Batch-5

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CWW is a leading digital Content Writing & Content Providing Agency. Within a short time, CWW has produced several quality content writers for top-notch digital content.
Join successful CWW training and become a professional SEO Content Writer. Define your earning figures on your own.

Training Duration02 Months(Approximately)
Total Seats50
Session ResourcesOnline – Zoom (Mobile/Laptop)
Back-up ResourcesRecordings in Facebook
Training Classes3 to 4 in a week
Training DaysMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Class Timing09:00 pm
Applying CriteriaCan Understand English sentences
Total Fee16000 PKR
Early-Bird DiscountUp to 60% Discount ( Only for First 30 Students)
Team support6 months
Group EnrollmentLife-Time
Orphans and Disabled PersonsSpecial discount till December 20, 2020
Last Date of ApplicationDecember 25, 2020
CWW Gift:Surprise


🎀🎀 You Will Learn 🎀🎀

1: What is Content Writing?
👉🏻Written Content
👉🏻Audio content
👉🏻Video Content
👉🏻Visual Content
2: Famous Writing Tones
3: Exploring Writing Styles
4: What is SEO Content Writing?
👉🏻SEO Based Content
👉🏻Article Writing
👉🏻Blog writing
👉🏻Resume writing
👉🏻Academic Writing
👉🏻Technical Writing
👉🏻Letter Writing
👉🏻Amazon Product Review Writing
5: The scope of Amazon Affiliate, Article Writer
6: Exploring Amazon as an SEO Writer
7: Amazon Affiliate Blog Writing
8: SEO Content writing Basics
👉🏻Niche Research
👉🏻Keyword Research
👉🏻Product Selection
9: Copywriting and its best usage
10: SEO Content Writing Research Skill
11: SEO Content writing Rules
12: SEO Content Writing Process
13: Amazon Affiliate SEO Content Writing
14: Most Selling and Well-Paid Writing Niche
👉🏻Amazon Affiliate Writing
15: Career as an Amazon Affiliate SEO Article Writer?
16: How to Market your Content Writing Skills?
👉🏻Polishing the Writing Skills
👉🏻Selling on Digital Platforms
👉🏻Sales Skills for Content Writers
17: Marketplace for Content Writing
👉🏻Freelance Marketplace
👉🏻Personal Market
👉🏻Local Market Place
18: Content Writing Business as a Brand
👉🏻Content Writing Agency
19: Correlation of Content Writer and SEO
20: The Communication Skills
👉🏻Written Communication
👉🏻Oral Communication
21: Content Standards & Scales
22: Content Analysis & Research
23: Winning the Content Gap
24: Tools for Content Analysis
25: Learning Grammar skills
26: Learning Business English
27: Writing Your First Content
👉🏻Method 1
👉🏻Method 2
👉🏻The CWW King Method
28: Selling Skills for Earning
How to Sell your First Content on Freelancing Platforms(Fiverr, Upwork, etc.) or Local Market and Start Earning?
Exclusive Addition for Batch-5
29: On-Page SEO
30: Short Hand Graphic Designing Skills
31: Youtube Video SEO Description Writing
32: Fiverr
33: Gig research
34: Profile Creation
35: Launching Gigs after Optimization
36: Getting your First Fiverr Order
37: Upwork
38: Profile Creation
39: Profile Optimization
40: Best Bidding Skills
41: Start Earning from Upwork
42: How to Consolidate Your Income
43: How to Scale Your Income
44: CWW Certification
Much More.